Welcome to Seed to Flower

Seed to Flower is a Yoga & Bodyworks Studio set in the beautiful seaside village of Kommetjie in the Western Cape.

Owned and run by Rene Lambert, she offers daily Hatha Yoga classes, Yoga Therapy, body massage and reflexology.

Her emphasis is on finding lasting relief from the musculoskeletal problems and maintaining a pain and injury free body. Once we find space in the body through massage and specific movement to open areas of discomfort, we move into a comfortable state of ease.
Combining Yoga and Bodywork incorporating Breath, body and mind

to find a peaceful centred space to be clear and relaxed.

Hatha Yoga

Certified Yoga instructors Rene Lambert and Nicky Stonestreet give daily Classes at the Seed to Flower studio. Classes are aimed at Beginners, Intermediate and
All Levels.

Body Work

Rene offers a holistic approach to regaining balance and wellness in the physical body, using a combination of massage, reflexology, remedial Yoga therapy and the principals of Ayurveda.

Deepen your Practice

If you are looking to deepen your Yoga practice, to learn the art, beauty, philosophy and complexities that Yoga has to offer, join Rene and the team at the Academy of Yoga and Ayurveda.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Rene is teaching daily yoga ONLINE!

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Upcoming Events, Workshops and Retreats

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